This site will serve as an online depository for digitally scanned courthouse records in Augusta County, VA. To make more of Augusta County’s significant historic records available in digital form online. This new portal is being updated by the Clerk’s Office Historic Records Assistant with records as they are formatted digitally.

Recently Added Items

Rogers vs Donaho 1759


A judgment originating in Augusta County, Virginia between, James Rogers and Hugh Donaho 1759. The judgment states that Donaho was legally indebted to…

Pittsburgh Land Deed

Pittsburgh Land Grant - with transcript.pdf

A land deed between George Croghan and the Six Nations tribe of Native Americans. The land in question was 150,000 acres of wood in the Colony of…

Order Book 1 1745-1747: Part 4

Order Book 1 1745-1747 Part 4.pdf

Part 4 of an Augusta County Circuit Court Order Book from the years 1745-1747. This Order Book contains details from court cases and any orders issued…